ISAcreator 1.5 in beta testing phase

So here’s what’s been added:
1) ISAvalidator integrated (hence larger file size ~34mb). Access it from the utilities menu item;

ISAcreator is calling the ISAvalidator component directly now as well as using the standard validation within ISAcreator itself.

2) New add assay functionality;

The old subform has been replaced with a new view of the Assays.

When you click on Create assay, you are now presented with a new component to help you select which assay(s) you wish to add.

3) New integration with the study sample sheet to look up sample names in autocomplete mode (featuring a new component to build on top of the Java Swing infrastructure to provide better, more customisable autocomplete). Also, if you have factors in your study sample spreadsheet, attached to the sample, these will be propagated automatically to the assay spreadsheet;

Autocomplete on study samples.

4) Same autocomplete component is used in protocol ref columns now to look up the protocol name without the clunky widget that was there before.

Autocomplete on Protocols.

If you want to test it (please let us know if you have any problems by reporting them in our issue tracker, please download it here!