Mass improvements to the ISA Configurator version 1.3

We’ve been working a lot to improve the code base and the usability of our tools! If you start using the ISAconfigurator, you will notice many improvements, not just those listed in this post in terms of reliability, performance and overall look and feel. The new version of the ISAconfigurator is now available for Mac, Linux & Windows.

New interface

New menu screen for the configurator.

Cleaner editing view.

New Ontology Configuration UI & Performance Improvements

We have long been providing an easy way to browse across OLS and BioPortal resources, and with our novel configuration tool we are also able to restrict ontology browsing in certain fields to remove burden from the user. Our previous versions weren’t so intuitive to use, so we’ve overhauled the interface to make it easier to restrict ontologies in various fields.

The configuration interface.

The cool thing is that the majority of the code used to develop this interface is called as a library from the ISAcreator codebase, so there’s no reason why other Java developers can’t make use of the ISAcreator components in their tools as well!