In ISAcreator 1.4 we have made a very…

In ISAcreator 1.4, we have made a very significant release, improving many aspects of the codebase, solving many of the problems encountered in previous releases, adding new functionality and further improving the user interface. We won’t go into everything here, but will list the major changes:

Better performance: We’ve tweaked the code, refactored and improved performance and memory load drastically.

Light mode and advanced mode. Now you can run the creator without the added complication of the wizard or mapper functionalities. If you need them, they are there, but if you don’t then just use the light version.

New error display: remember the ugly list of errors you had when the ISAtab wasn’t valid? Well, that’s gone, here’s what the new version looks like.

New ontology lookup interface and the ability to browse within restricted ontologies (e.g. a Label should come from ChEBI) either on the entire ontology level (if no branch of the ontology is specified) or on a specific branch so that the users selections are more targeted.

Automated annotation of your free text with ontology terms using the NCBO Annotator service.

You can download it for Mac, Linux and Windows.