As we loaded the new InnoMed data into…

As we loaded the new InnoMed data into the BII (16 studies with approximately 1000 samples per study), we found some places were the BII web application just didn’t work as we expected: performance and display wise. So, the following enhancements have been added:

  • Caching at the application server level to improve performance for all users – we have reduced response times on average by 800%!
  • New display of the sample attributes and characteristics. You can see the new view here:
  • Proper display of sample attribute and factor values along with their units
  • Better data locations support. Those of you who have deployed the BII before may have noticed that when you have assays of the same time distributed in a mix of public and private repositories that the data-locations.xml didn’t allow you to specify multiple possible locations for data files to go…so now, if you have ArrayExpress accessions in your ISAtab submission, and you have the ArrayExpress repository information added into your data locations file, the web application will automatically link out to ArrayExpress. If you don’t, the link will be to your local file system. Or, if you have an GEO accession instead, the link will be made out to GEO. The default data locations file we will server out in the new release of the BII data manager will have all these options specified for you in advance, so you only need to have the accessions in your ISAtab file.